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 Employee Enrollment For EHS Aarogyasri Health Card :

The main objective of the document is to make the user easily understand that how they get enrolled in the EHS scheme. Once employee enrolled under the scheme then after that they will  issued a Health Card and provide the benefit. If  any applicant has not enrolled, then in that case the applicant cannot avail the various facilities which comes under the scheme. The document will give a complete screen shots that how the employee is required to enroll under the scheme. The important guidelines of the scheme is inbuilt in the software application so that it will guide the user that how they get enrolled themselves under the scheme.


Official Website

Online Application Process :
1. First you are required to login to the EHS website by just using the URL
2. Login as Employee with respective Employee ID & Password\

3. Click on Registration Tab:

a. Initiate Health Card/View Application :The main objective to enroll for an health card or to view the already enrolled application.
b. Initiate New/Rejected Beneficiaries : This process means to add beneficiary or to remove already added beneficiary.
c. Download Health Card :To downloading the health card,The first priority is to submit the application which is already approved.
d. Case Sheet : To check the status of patient health record.

4. Now you are required to click on Registrations Initiate Health Card/View Application
5. By clicking on ‘Initiate Health Card/View Application’ tab, a screen will be displayed wherein the user needs to provide either Aadhaar No. (or) Aadhaar Enrollment No. for applying for an Health Card
6. By choosing  either of the radio button(Aadhaar No. (or) Aadhaar Enrollment No.), a text box is provided for entering the Aadhaar/Aadhaar Enrollment No., Once entered the appropriate number, then kindly click on ‘Retrieve Details’ button
7. On clicking ‘Retrieve’ button, a page will be displayed on your screen which as shown in screen shot IV wherein all the mandatory details to be filled by the user(employee) which includes personal details(includes Date of Joining),address details(Residential + office address),identification details,posting details,pay details,CIC details.
8. After providing the mandatory information, the user(employee) needs to ‘save’ the application form. On clicking save button, a message will be displayed as ‘Enrollment application saved successfully’
9. Once the application form is saved, the user(employee) has a provision to ‘add family member details’ and other information.

Please Note :
If the dependent family member DOB is below 5 years, then they will ask for the DOB certificate and Photo.
If the dependent family member DOB is above  5 years, then they will ask for Aadhaar card certificate and Photo.

Date of Birth below 5yrs :
If the applicant is below 5yrs, then it will ask for DOB certificate & photo
If the applicant is above 5yrs, then it ask for aadhaar certificate & photo

Please Note :
If the dependent family member spouse is Govt Employee/Govt Pensioner/Others, then it requests for: For Example :

If the Spouse is a Government Pensioner :
Govt. Pensioner :
It is  for Employee/Pensioner ID,HOD, Last Posted District,Pension Office District,STO Office Unit, Pay Source,PRC, Pay Grade, Aadhaar Certificate & Photo.

If the Spouse is a Government Employee :
Govt. Employee :
It is for Employee/Pensioner ID,HOD, District, DDO Code, Designation,Service,Category,Pay Source, PRC, Pay Grade, Current Pay, Certificate, Photo & Service Register Attachment.

Conditions for adding beneficiary :
1.  If the dependent family member DOB is above 5 years, then it requests for Aadhaar card certificate and Photo.
2.  If the dependent family member DOB is below 5 years, then it requests for DOB certificate and Photo.
3.  Once the beneficiary is added for any relationship, then after that it cannot be added twice in dependent family members details.
4.  If the Son’s age greater than 25 then it can not be added again . If son is disabled, then age greater that 25 will be accepted.
5.  Dependent’s daughter age greater than 25 is acceptable.
6.  The added Relationship and Gender must match with the attached details.

10. After adding the family member details, the user(employee) can find few options like :
a.   Save : The  Save option tab is designed to save the enrolled application by the applicant.
b.   Reset : The Reset option tab is to delete the entered data and re-enter the details.
c.   Submit Application : This tab is to submit the filled application form.
d.   Add attachments : Relevant important attachments  or documents is to be added either mandatory or non mandatory.
e.   Print Application : In order to print the application, the user should for compulsion click on save button.

11. You are informed that before you submit the application, the user has a provision to add necessary attachments and then to ‘print the application’ for verification or for cross checking purpose. Once done with verification, the user can easily submit the application form

Please Note :
Once your application form is submitted, then the user has no provision to modify the details.

12. By clicking ‘Submit Application’, a message ‘ Enrollment initiated successfully with Enrollment ID EMP222222 and signed application form is pending to upload’ will be displayed

13. Once the enrollment initiated successfully, the user(employee) needs to attach the signed application form a :
a.  Submit for Approval : is to submit the verified application to the concerned person.
b.  Add attachments : is a provision to upload the scanned copy of the signed application form.
c.  View Attachments : is to view the previously added attachments.
d.  Print/View Application : is to view the printed application.

14. On clicking ‘Submit for Approval’, a message ‘ Submitted successfully and pending with trust for verification’ will pop up

Please Note :
Process Flow after the user(employee) submits the application form :
Once the user(employee) submits the application form, the form moves to executive(trust) for approval process wherein the the executive has option to Verify/Reject/On hold/Add attachments/Close.

Verify :
Once the application form is verified, the request will go to concerned DDO for further process. DDO has an option to either Approve/Reject the application form. If Rejected, it goes back to employee for correction. If Approved, the application form goes to the card vendor wherein a temporary card will be generated for the beneficiary.

Reject :
Once the application form is rejected, the application form is sent back to the user(employee) for verification process.

On Hold :
Executive has a provision to keep the request ‘on hold’. If the request is on hold, it goes to Team Leader(TL) wherein he has a provision to either Approve/Reject the application form. If Rejected, it goes back to employee for correction. If Approved, the application form goes to the concerned DDO and the process flows again from DDO.


Contact Postal Address  :
Please Contact below addresses for more information about Employees Health Scheme
Aarogyasri Health Care Trust
D.No. 8-2-293/82a/ahct,
Road No :46, Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad – 500033

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