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Police Clearance Certificate:

The Police Clearance Certificate is generally issued by the RPO only after receiving the application which is verified by the concerned local police. To apply for this applicant needs to submit the application form at PSK through this website link you need to apply online

The Police Verification Certificate can be only obtain by simply applying for it through the Passport section , Special Branch at the concerned Police Commissioner Office o Department.

Website :


Important Documents List which has to be attached with the pesribed application fom:

Here we are giving you the important documents list which are necessary to attach along with the application form:


1.  Photocopy of any one of them residence proof (ration card, voters id card, passport, Aadhaar card, Pan card, recent paid electricity, water or telephone bill)
2.  Photo ID proof  such as pan card, passport or driving licence.
3.  Document which supports and  need of PVC
4.  3 recent passport size photographs
5.  Copy of valid passport


After applying the application form which is verified by the concerned local jurisdiction police station of an applicant. After receiving the clearance the Police Verification Certificate will be issued. To receive the Police Verification Certificate the applicant needs to come personally to collect the the original passport from its regional office.

Important Safety Guidelines:
01.  First you must make sure that the main gate of the house should be strong and theft proof; the doors and windows of the house should be always kept closed and always use good quality locks and handles.
02.  When you go somewhere just make a request to your neighbor to look after the house in your absence.
03.  Make sure that no body knows that you as being out of station for some days.
04.  Must inform the nearest police if any unknown person is found wondering in your society or street.
05.  Always Kept the  name, address, photograph and contact numbers of domestic servant.
06 . Always alert about your vehicle and other valuables things.

07.  Never park your vehicle without locking it and make sure you will park it at the “Pay and Park” facility.
08.  Never park your vehicle with valuables in it.
09.  When you go out of station by taking big cash amount, a companion should be kept or if required help of the police can be taken.
10. Do not count money in cash where others can see it.
11. If you wore gold chain then cover it with some dupatta or clothes wore
12.  While travelling some where never trust anybody that they entrust your luggage.

13.  Do not take or eat anything from any un-known person.
14.  Do not give your personal details to co passengers
15.  You must not give permit to enter the house.
16.  Women should not take their precious ornaments or jewelry to any un-known person.
17.  Avoid being over friendly with strangers or new neighbors.
18.  Always register the name of domestic helpers and drivers at the nearest police station by filling in the appropriate application form. This form has to fill along  with their photos and then be sent to the police stations at the workers’ native places so their background can be immediately verified.
19.  Install safety features such as a peephole facility, safety latch or iron grill so that you can scan each visitor before allowing them entry. Be extra careful while allowing unknown persons like vegetable sellers, washer men and milkmen inside.
20.  Do not open cupboards in-front of anyone and , show your valuables things  or discuss your  financial matters in front of domestic helpers. They may be tempted to carry out an unlawful act.
21.  Never withhold pay, derogate or mistreat domestic workers. They may seek for bad revenge.
22.  Develop a network of friends and talk to your neighbor to ensure that you do not live a secluded life. Go for regular walks in groups and socialize and also discuss about the same and teach others also.
23.  Do not keep your valuables at home. Store your  jewellery in a respective  bank branch  locker and cash in your savings account.
24.  Keep important telephone numbers in your hand so that in case of any emergency you must carry it and dial it . This includes that of friends or relatives living nearby as well as that of your local police station.
25.  You must dial  100 in case of any emergency.

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