How to Process the Foreigner Police Clearance Certificate and the Application


This document is issued to Indian nationals by the High Commission certifying conduct as per available records pertaining to the applicant’s stay in India. Application form can be downloaded from the link of official website and submitted along with the following documents. 

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About Foreigner Registration :
01. A foreigner is first need to register in the concerned  Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) within 14 days of arrival, if his / her VISA is valid for more than 6 months that is 180 days.
And if the foreigner wants to stay continuously in India for more than 6 months in a single visit

02. All Citizens of Pakistan are first required to register within 1 day  of their arrival unless exempted from reporting by the Visa Issuing Authority.
03. Afghanistan citizens are first required to register their name  within 7 days of their arrival.
04.  The registration is also required, if stipulation is made in VISA.

the visa  registration is not available for children who are below 16 years of age.
And the Tourist visa is generally neither convertible nor extendable for anyone. Hence the foreigners of Indian origin holding Valid Tourist Visa and then they may apply for Visa extension upto 5 to 10  years, by provided their valid passport.


Foreigner Registration Concerned  Office  in Hubli-Dharwad City :
Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) in Hubli-Dharwad City is located at the
Office of the Commissioner of Police,
P.B.Road, Near Income Tax Office,
Navanagar, Hubli-580025

For Registration and extension of Residential Permit please see this :
Police Inspector (City Special Branch)
Office of the Commissioner of Police,
Hubli – 580025

Phone : 080-22942354
Fax : 080-22200920
Working hours : 10 AM to 5.30 PM on all working days (Monday to Saturday, except General holidays)

Registration Process:

1. First you need to fill-up the following below mentioned  forms :
a.  Form-A Part-III
b.  SB Form-1
(All these forms are easily available at concerned  FRO office. You may download these from the above links.)

2. Enclose important documents :

1. Business Visa
2. Student/research Visa
3. Entry Visa
4. Employment Visa
5 Other Categories Of Visa
6. Medical Visa

Important Note:

a.  After successful submission of the application along with the documents list at concerned  FRO office, you can collect the acknowledgement / receipt which is very important.
b. The registration certificate and registration permit will be issued from the Foreigners Registration Office normally within 2 or 3 working days.
c. The  Registration Certificate & Residential Permit  can be easily collected personally or by any person under proper authorization, by just showing the acknowledgement receipt of the application.
d.  At the time of registration you must appear before the Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) personally

e. There is no extra fee charged for the registration.

A Foreigner Failing To Register :

Those Foreigner who refuse or forget to register within the giving time is liable to be prosecuted under Section 14 of Foreigners Registration Act 1948 which says that:

“If any person show the provisions of this Act or of any order made thereafter, or any direction given in pursuance of this Act or such order, he shall be punished hard with such imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years and shall also be liable to fine”.

Stay Extension:
The Stay of Extension of VISA/Residential Permit is only required whenever a foreigner desires to extend his stay after the expiry of VISA / Residential Permit.

Process for Visa Extension / Residential Permit:

1. First you need to fill-up the Proforma-B and submit to the concerned FRO at least 2 month  prior notice to the expiry of VISA or Residential Permit, but not earlier than ninety 3 months – (3 copies)
2. Attach the required documents list which is mentioned below:
a. Business Visa
b. Student/research Visa
c. Entry Visa
d. Employment Visa
e. Medical Visa
f. Other Visas

Important Note :

Here some important points are mentioned below for your assistance:
1. Stay Extensions needs the  payment of fee
2. For extension the VISA fees structure may occurs.
3. In cases of Visa extension the  Police verification report will be get by the concerned FRO from the Station House Officer of the nearest  police station in the prescribed format.
4. Residential Permit  extension may be approved within 2 months before the expiry of the passport validity.
5. In case of failure submit of VISA/Residential Permit the  extension application within the valid period, you are liable to be prosecuted.

Exit Permit :

a.  The exit permit is required for a person who is leaving the country when VISA is expired or extension application is pending for consideration with the State Government/Central Government.
b.  The exit permit is not needed wherever Visa or Residential Permit is valid.
c. Exit permit should be obtained only from the Foreigners Registration Office where foreigner has registered.

Important Documents required for EXIT PERMIT:

A.  Meet  the FRO with whom you have registered
B.  Safely submit the  application (Exit Permit Proforma )
C. Attach  a copy of the confirmed journey ticket

At the time of final departure you need to :

1 Surrender the originals of Registration Certificate, Residential Permit and Exit Permit to the Immigration authorities at the check post of departure.
2 Fill up embarkation card furnished by the immigration authorities.

Documents Required For Return Visa/temporary Extension :

a.  The Foreigners who are holding a valid Residential Permit and whose entry facility is exhausted, and wishes to visit his native country and return to India, may seek Return Visa for required period of his stay, not exceeding 3 months. Return Visa will be issued by the concerned  State Registration Officer (SRO) at State Intelligence Office, No. 2, Nrupathunga Road, Bangalore –560 001 on the recommendation of FRO
b. Those Foreigners whose application for extension of Residential Permit is still pending for the approval and wants to visit a foreign country may seek temporary extension for the required period of stay, not exceeding 90 days. The Return Visa/ Temporary extension will be issued by the State Government from the date of request on the recommendation of FRO and SRO
c. The foreigner who are requiring to return visa may please contact the concernd FRO Bangalore City with a request letter and Relevant documents.
d. The Foreigners must return to India before the date of expiry of such Return Visa, failing which the foreigner intending to return will be required to come on a fresh visa and undergo registration process afresh.
e.  For more details and latest  information, you are first required to contact the State Registration Office, No 2, Nrupathunga Road, Bangalore City during office hours

Telephone Number : 080-22123484 / 22942499.

Conversion Of Visa :

a.Tourist visa is normally neither convertible nor extendable
b. Tourist visa is extendable only after for those  persons of Indian origin on the production of relevant documents.
c. A foreigner who is married to an Indian spouse or partner , needs to apply to Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi, for conversion of Tourist VISA/Visitors visa into `X` visa, if they needs the  Residential Permit/Visa extension.
d. For more  details you are required to log on to

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) :
Those  Foreigners who are  staying in India or have previously resided in India may apply for Police Clearance Certificate which is very important for them.

An application may be made for concerned PCC :
The Deputy Secretary, Home Department,
Government of Karnataka,
II floor, Vidhana Soudha,

Home Secretariat will call for a Police verification report from the concerned FRO.

The Applicant needs to pay a fee of Rs 200/- for police verification, payable at the State Bank of Mysore, Treasure Section, Lady Curzon Road, Bangalore-1, to the Head of account “005500103004”. Bank Ph. No. 080-25326111 & 080-25326112.
** P.C.C. will be then issued by the office of the Principal Secretary to Govt of Karnataka, Home department, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore – 560001.

Change Of Residence Of The Foreigner :
A. You are required to communicate any change of address to the FRO, Bangalore city in writing and get it endorsed on Registration Certificate/ Residential Permit.
B. If you want to change the  residence from Bangalore city to another City/District (FRO), then you may communicate to both the FROs and get an endorsement on Registration Certificate / Residential Permit from both the FROs.
C. The registration records of the foreigner will be automatically  transferred from the previous FRO to the present FRO.
D. If you are interested to  going out of your registered address for a continuous period of 8 weeks or more, then  please inform the concerned FRO, Bangalore city in person or through a representative or by registered post about details of departure and probable date of return.
Loss of Passport/Registration Certificate/Residential Permit, What to do-

If  Passport is Loss :
1. If your passport is lost / misplaced / stolen
2. Please make a report to the nearest police station and obtain an acknowledgement or a copy of First Information Report (FIR)
3. You must Communicate the lost passport details and other information  to the concerned Embassy or Consular officer of your country.
4. You can get a new or temporary passport or an Emergency Travel Document from your Consulate/Embassy.
5. If you are the registered citizen, you can communicate the details to the FRO Bangalore city.
6. If you are an un-registered, please contact the Immigration officials of the check-post of your entry into India.
7. Give the details of your  lost passport, such as its validity, type of visa and its validity etc from the immigration officials of the check post of your entry.
8. Approach theconcerned FRO Bangalore city for an Exit Permit to leave the country.


If Registration Certificate And Residential Permit s lost :

a. If the Registration and Residential Permit is lost or misplaced or stolen
b. Then you have to make a report to the nearest police station and obtain an acknowledgement slip or receipt and a copy of First Information Report (FIR)
c. You can obtain  a copy of the Registration certificate or Residential Permit from FRO, Bangalore city on payment of just Rs.15/-

Foreigner Involved In Criminal Cases :
01.  If the foreigners are involved in any criminal cases, then the criminal action team  would be taken action according to the  law. Their travel documents shall be seized till the disposal of the case.
02.  Foreigners shall be liable  by all the conditions and restrictions announced by the Court.
03.  If the Residential Permit expires during the tendency of the case in the Court, they can continue to apply for further extension till the disposal of the case.
04. After the disposal of the case, foreigners will get the exit permit from the Foreigners Registration Office (FRO), Bangalore City. Then they may leave the country.
05. If a foreigner is involved in any criminal case, a report will be made in his passport to that effect.

If A Foreigner Is A Victim Of Crime :

A. If you are a crime victim crime, please approach the nearest police station in Bangalore city immediately and seek help/relief
B. You can also contact the nearest Police Control Room, Bangalore City over telephone Nos.
1) 100
2) 080-22942222
3) 080-22250999

C.  You may also contact the Foreigners Registration Office (FRO), No. 1, Infantry Road, Bangalore City, if necessary.


Death Of Foreigner :
An Information about the dead foreigner may be communicated to the nearest police station or to the Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO), Office of the Commissioner of Police, No. 1, Infantry Road, Bangalore City.
The  Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) will in turn contact Deputy Secretary (Consular), Ministry of External Affairs (CPV Division), Govt.of India, Patiala House Annex, Tilak Marg, New Delhi – 110001 (telephone No: 011- 23388648, Fax No: 011- 23782821, 011- 23387281) so as to facilitate the authority concerned to contact the relatives of the foreigner for further necessary action.T

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