tscbank.nic.in Process to Apply for Kishan Credit Card Scheme in Agartala


Application process for Kishan Credit Card Scheme:

The TSC  Bank, which has been the foremost bank in the country is now providing financial assistance to farmers, is proud to introduce the TSC Kisan Credit Card Scheme. The objective of the new scheme is to meet the credit needs of the farmers for cultivation of crops and other requirements in a very convenient manner. To know more kindly read below:

To extend adequate and timely support to farmers for their short term credit needs.


Eligibility for Loan:


Those farmers who have outstanding repayment record for atleast 2 years. New farmers with flexible deposits with our respective branches for 3 to 4 years are entitle to eligible for loan process.

Borrowers with good track record in other Banks are also eligible. Farmers who have defaulted in repayment but have liquidated the outstanding are also eligible.


Loan Amount:


Loan amount is fixed on the  based on the cropping pattern, ancillary and contingency needs of the farmer for the full year. 90 % of the cost of cultivation (Scale of Finance) is given as loan per acre. 100 % of the cost is available as loan upto Rs. 50,000/- and 85 % of the cost is available as loan above Rs. 1,00,000/-


Documents Required:
Land records to ascertain cultivation rights.
Acreage under different crops
Sources of other borrowings eg. Co-operative Societies and Banks.


Disbursement of the loan:
As per the cultivation requirements of the crop the loan amount is disbursed in cash and kind (for fertilizers, pesticides etc)


How do you Repay?
It is a revolving cash credit limit with any number of withdrawals and repayments.

How to apply for this loan?

You may contact our nearest branch for the application or even talk to the field officers visiting your village and produce the land documents.

Official Website : http://tscbank.nic.in/home.asp


Contact Address:
Tripura State Co-Operative Bank Ltd
Post Office Chowmuhani
Agartala, Tripura 799001

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