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Now you can register mobile number to get SMS Alert of your United Bank of India Account to get update to your Account through mobile phone. Today Almost every bank facilitates SMS Alert service to consumers and register Mobile Number to provide lots of information through it. Updates like transactions, withdrawal and deposit in your bank account, Cheque clearance, internet banking activities loan EMI reminder  and more rush to you through SMS Alert.

You have to fill up a form and submit it to the bank Branch where your account exists for this purpose, but today it can be done on your own. You can get register your mobile number through ATM and calling Customer Care also. So here we are describing few steps which would help you in getting your mobile number to get SMS Alert of your bank Account.

Official Website
Web Portal…estId=35213701

SMS Banking :
All e-Banking users can now have the facilities which are following:
a.  Mini Statement
b.  Balance Query
c.  Stop Cheque
d.  Status of Cheque
e.  Message to the Bank

To enroll for this service, Kindly write to the Bank through United Online e-mail service. The process for the same is as follows:
a.  First you need to login to United Online -> Choose “eMails” -> Select “Compose Mail”
b.  Then type mail subject as “SMS Banking Activation”.
c.  You need to provide your Name and ten digit mobile number in the mail body and click on send

After completing of the enrollment process which would take 2 working days, the active user may set his or her SMS Banking password through United Online.

The procedure for SMS Banking password the setting is as follows:
d.  Then you are required to login to United Online ->Choose “Profile & Password” -> Select “Set SMS Login Password”
e. Kindly set your SMS banking password and start using the service.

The SMS request as per the format below is to be sent to 56161 for various services.

For Example:
Sl No | Type of Service | Format
1 | Balance Query | ubal <13 digit Account number> <Password> | ubal 1234567891013 7890
2 | Mini Statement | utran <13 digit Account number> <Password> | utran 1234567891013 7890
3 | Cheque Status | uchqstat <13 digit Account number> <Cheque Number> <Password> | uchqstat 1234567891013 934433 7890
4 | Stop Cheque | uchqstop <Cheque Number> <13 digit Account number><06> <Password> | uchqstop 934433 1234567891013 06 7890
5 | Message to Bank | urm <Message> <Password> | urm hello 7890
6 | Password Change | upass <new Password> <old Password> | upass 4567 7890


SMS Alert :
SMS Alert services are based and are available to all the e-Banking users. The following are the alerts presently available for subscription.
a.  Account Debit or  Credit alert.
b.  Stop Cheque alert.
c.  e-Banking password (login & transaction) expiry alert.



To subscribe for this service, kindly follow the following points.
a.  You need to update the mobile number registered with us. Then login to United Online -> Choose “Profile & Password”. -> My Profile -> Update “Mobile Phone No.”
b.  Select “Alerts” menu option and subscribe for the alerts desired.

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