how to download Pahani or RTC online in Karnataka Bangalore?


Pahani/ RTC :
People needs Pahani (RTC) to various purpose it comes under revenue department its very important some time if we are dealing with various things related to real estate issues. In this it records various types of information of property or land owners and also it elaborate the type of land according to government what type of property it is like area, assessment, water rate, soil type  also contains agricultural commercial non agricultural residential flood area and also its summery of nature of possession of the Land, Liabilities, Tenancy and Crops grown, etc so people search it time to time. Here we have provided the process how to download the Pahani or RTC :



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What is the basic roll and day to day need of  Pahani?
Yo can find the usages of Pahani in below :
A. First of all it comes to buy sell or every property to know its genuine of seller (who is actual owner) when land is being purchased (also needed by buyer) .
B. The second most important roll is it needed when land is being sale or we are doing transaction at Sub-Register’s office

C. If owner wants to atake any type of loan or loan against property than it needed or To raise the farm credit / loan from the Bank.
D. Court also needs Pahani for various purpose like case of Civil litigation.
E. You can also take it for future reference or any other personal purpose.”

What types of information does Pahani contain?
In Pahani there are many things which related to the land as we discussed above.


Here you can collect the following information :
** The citizens are able to get the information regarding to their Survey / Hissa no of their property land.
** The citizens can check the measurement and details for their complete land which comes under the Pahani.
** All kinds of department information regarding to the Land Revenue.
** Complete online information for the Land Owner’s name along with the details of Extents / Khatha no.
** All the information has uploaded by the department regarding to the land acquisition with the details of owner.
** Details of all types of rights laws and regulation related to the Government and Public both for the property Land.
** Citizens can check the Liabilities of the Owners for that particular property or land.
** You can check the Classification of details with Soil of all land.
** The dept also has given the information regarding to the all trees of area.
** You can also get the help regarding to the Source of the irrigation along with the area irrigated details.
** All details regarding to the Cultivators has given on the portal.
** The portal also gives the information of all categories information of Utilization.
** Dept given the details of all kinds of season crops in complete area

** Information has also provided through it regarding to the all mixed crops in area.


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How to get the the copy of Pahani ?
In Karnataka there are many Pahani centers established for the general public any one who is having his or her property in the state can get a duplicate signed copy of computerized PAHANI from PAHANI CENTRE, also an get this from the Tahsildar Office, by paying minimum fee of Rs.15.00. If the applicants cant come to Taluk office by any reason than applicant can get it by paying the same amount of money to Village Accountant or Revenue Inspector or their area, the concern person or official will collect the Pahani from Pahani center in behaf the applicant and hand over the same.


The difference between  computerized RTC and manual RTC? 
The both are same only the wordings are different so we can say it in different names only so we can describes it as there are absolutely no difference in the contents of computerized RTC and manual RTC. If we get copy from computer than its clear with no wrong information mean less mistakes where as there could be some issues in manual RTC. Second most important we suggest you to take computerized copy if you are buying some things as there are very less chances to alter in this

Why govt. started computerized services to the Public ?

Govt. want to gives transparent services to public so that there will be minimum or no fraud cases in land or property related issues. The Public will have lots of benefits from computerization.  T

benefits :
** Farmers and property owners can get their details online and collect his land records related documents from PAHANI CENTRE by paying the very less amount of money Rs.15.00.
** If anyone have brought property than it’s a basic need to do mutation of the particular land so  Public can request Revenue Department to carry out the mutation on the land. Revenue department look after on it.
**there is also some other facilities to check mutation or mutation in proress and to check mumtaion status online through  TOUCH SCREEN KIOSK Farmer can come and see the status of ‘mutation requested’ by him and status of ‘mutation-in-process’ on his land. Also public can check the other vital documents from there.



Handwritten RTC will not be recognized by Government happens if I take manually written RTC in Computerized Taluk? 
No handwritten RTC will not be recognized by Government as government does not understand its authenticity if we apply for any legal issue so take computerized copy only.

Mutation Details?
In property language mutation words comes when we talk about change of ownership of one property to other. Its is also a process in which Owner’s name or his particulars like liabilities get changed because of some type of transactions related to property.

The type of transaction may be one of the following :
** Registered sale deed is very necessary for this.
**If owner is died than it calls Inheritance mutation – Change of Ownership because of death of the Owner.
**There is another factor when family members divide their property Division.
**Complete loan or repayment called another fact which is comes under Pledge / Release

**Sometimes court gives order in some facts called -Court Decree.
**If we convert land from agricultural to residential or any other purpose by revenue department order than it called -Alienation .
**Sometimes govt. acquired some land in public purpose than its transaction is change

**Grant of Land by Government to Poor People.

What are the differences when updating  in Land Records after Computerization?
There is no effect of computerization of ROR in fact it become more accurate some time people can get some more land from other or accusations of government land  in case of computerization they can do anything s its more safe process.
When does the Owner name and his details Change?

The change in Owner name and his details will take place when one of the following transactions occurs :
**J-Slip – Sale transaction takes place at SRO.
**Inheritance – Death of the Owner.
**Division of Land within Family Members.
**Court Decree – Order of the court.
**Grant by the Government.
**Alienation for non-agricultural purposes.
**Acquisition by Government.
**Podi – Division of RTC into 2 or more.
**Pledge/Release of the Land with / from banks.

change the owner’s details in the RTC  or add New Owner’s name

The Owners of the land will change because of purchase transaction, Inheritance, Division, Grant by Government, Court Decree. When one of these takes place, NEW OWNERS should approach the Revenue Department with the required document to incorporate their names. They can request for the same at the PAHANI CENTRE and collect the acknowledgement.

Similarly when loan is taken or repayment is done, to change the liabilities details, Owner can submit the request at the PAHANI CENTRE with required documents.”

What is Objection on RTC or Pahani  and how to raise it ? 
Anyone who is having his or her property can complaint about the transaction. That is, if some transaction comes for change of Ownership, the responsibity comes in revenue department than before accepting as it is, department serves the notice to the interested parties and puts in the CHAVADI. So they get the actual transaction and If anybody feels it is illegal transaction or feels his rights on the land is in trouble, he can raise the Objection. There is a 30 days time periods to give  written Objection from notice served date to Village Accountant / Revenue Inspector / Taluk Office.”

What is crop data and its changes timing change in RTC ?
RTC is all about the land related information that when what is going and what crop is growing etc so it changes twice in a years so that govt. can get right information The Crops information will be written by Village Accountant after inspecting the field.”


How to update crops information is wrong in RTC ?
Anyone can inform for these types of issues weather he or she is farmer of general public who are having their land  they can request to change in crop information on the PAHANI at the PAHANI CENTRE or if they are unable to go there they can also inform the request to Village Accountant. After this the concerned officers in revenue department have to do The same will be changed after ” & ” verification by Village Accountant / Revenue Inspector.”

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