download online FIR copy for Servant Tenant and PG Verification : Chandigarh Police


How to download FIR Copy:

You are required to visit the link which is given below for your assistance to download the FIR Copy

Web Portal :

Verifications for Servant or Tenant or  Paying Guest (PG):

All Chandigarh citizens are informed that now they are also able to secure and provide safety to their family by just ensure from some responsibilities. Besides Chandigarh Police you are also responsible for the security and safety of your family and relatives. In order to give surety all you need to enter your house number, neighbrhood and other details of all servants or tenants or paying guests etc. must be subjected to police verification. As this is also suggest you that this verification is necessary as per the orders issued u/s 144 Cr.P.C. Any violation will be happen under these orders then the non registration of servants or helpers or tenants or paying guests, etc. with the nearest area station house officer (SHO) is a punishable offence under 188 IPC, for which a FIR is also registered against the landlord or an employer. Various forms for servant or tenant or paying guest verification are as under :-

You are required to dopwnload the form from this link:


All you need to do is to dully fill the application form and safely submitted in the concerned area police station or police post or sampark centre and beat box.

About Crime Prevention and Investigation:

As you know that Chandigarh Police is very hard working and efficient in order to provide a safe and secure atmosphere for the residents of the beautiful and quite city , Chandigarh. In order to avail this motive, 60 gypsies, 40 motorcycles and 3 trauma vehicles (Ambulances) have been deployed in the city round the clock to ensure the safety and security of the general public. Also, besides from this the large number of patrolling parties from various police stations and police posts also patrol the city. Moreover, 11 Police Stations and 18 Police Posts and Special Crime Unit have been established to prevent as well as effectively investigate all kinds of crimes in the city.

The Chandigarh Police is actively utilising all its resources which includes the policemen, policewomen, vehicles, equipments and technology to cought the criminals as per the law, in order to create a sense of safety and security among the citizens. And to active the sense of fear in criminals mind.

Therefore the Chandigarh Police appeals to all the citizens to cooperate with Chandigarh Police to ensure effective safety and security for every one and every where.

Contact Address:

Chandigarh Police Headquarters,

Sector 9-d, Chandigarh

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