Process to Check Online Status of Aarogyasri Health Card


Online Status of Aarogyasri Health Card:

Andhra Pradesh State Government has recently started the Employee Health Scheme on 05.12.2013. Andhra Pradesh State Govt Employees and Pensioners are requested  to register themselves at the official link to obtain the NTR Health Card, which can be easily used for cashless treatment in all the network hospitals in the Andhra Pradesh state. Non Gazetted and Gazetted Employees are required to pay a premium of Rs. 90/-  and Rs. 120/-  respectively to avail this scheme. All the detailed instructions and step by step process on how to register for AP Govt Health Cards, which can be easily found at the official website that is

Official Website


Check Aarogyasri Health Card Status Online :
1. If you wish to check the application status then you are requested to please click health card status link which is at the bottom of the home page :
2. Now you need to enter your employee id or pensioner id number by selecting given option.
3. After that click on search button.

Get Status Through SMS :
App Status : AP EHSAPP <penid/ empid> to 51969
Help :
 AP EHSHELP to 51969

Employees Health Scheme :
Employees Health Scheme has the main motive to provide the cashless treatment for all the State Government employees including the State Government pensioners, along with their dependent family members through a network of empanelled hospitals of Aarogyasri Health Care Trust, in lieu of the present medical reimbursement system under ‘The Andhra Pradesh Integrated medical Attendance Rules, 1972 (APIMA Rules, 1972)’. This scheme will provide treatment in Network Hospitals for all the listed therapies. This facility gives the immense satisfaction and great help to all these employees and pensioners.

Aarogyasri Health Card For Government Employees

How to Apply:
Step 1 Enroll for Aadhar Card
1.  If in case you have not yet enrolled for “Aadhar” then you need to go to your nearest Aadhar centre. You can find information about Aadhaar Centres from Aadhar official website or from your District Collector.
2.  Register yourself and your family members, obtain the Enrollment numbers given at the time of Enrollment. Even if there is delay in getting Aadhar Card, the 28 digit Enrollment number can be filled in the EHS e-form while enrolling for the Scheme.

Instructions to provide Enrolment number in the EHS-form :
1.  Please check the 14 digit “Enrollment No.” on the left hand side of the Acknowledgement copy obtained upon Aadhar registration. Fill this 14 digit number in the EHS e-form under Identification details
2.  Eg : Enrollment No. 1111/15210/02106. Fill in this 14 digit number in the EHS e-form under “Identification Details” as 11111521002106.
3.  Please check the “Date” column on the right hand side of the acknowledgment copy along with the time stamp in the format : Date (2 digits)/month (2 digits)/year (4 digits), and hours (2 digits): minutes (2 digits): seconds (2 digits), a total of 14 digits.
4.  Convert this into a continuous number by writing “Date” from right to left without slashes and time without colons as in the below example :
5.  Eg : Date: 11/08/2011 16:48:44 should be converted as 20110811164844.
6.  Please provide the number so obtained, in continuation to the 14 digit Enrollment Number. The 28 digit Enrollment receipt is made up of 14 digit Enrollment number and Date & Time Stamp. Eg. 1111152100210620110811164844
7.  Skip this step if you already have either an Aadhar Card or an Aadhaar Enrollment receipt number

Step 2 Prepare Data
Self :
1.  Please read the instructions given in the table below for preparation of data.
2.  Photo : Scan a 45 mm x 35 mm ICAO passport size color photograph of 200 Kb size.
3.  Service Register (two pages) : Scan the pages 1 and 2 of old service register (or) pages 4 and 5 of new service register with your name etc. clearly visible.
4.  Aadhaar Card / Enrollment Receipt : Scan the Aadhar card with your name and number clearly visible if you are giving the Aadhaar number (or) scan the Aadhar Enrollment receipt with your name and Enrollment number clearly visible if you are giving the Aadhaar Enrollment number.
5.  Disability Certificate : Scan your disability certificate if you are disabled.

Note : 
Computer illiterate employees will approach the DDO concerned directly with the aforementioned data/documents.

Dependant Family members :
1.  Photo : Scan a 45 mm x 35 mm ICAO compliant passport size colour photograph of 200 Kb size.
2.  Aadhaar Card / Enrollment Receipt : Scan the Aadhar card with your name and number clearly visible if you are giving the Aadhaar number (or) scan the Aadhaar Enrollment receipt with your name and Enrollment number clearly visible if you are giving the Aadhaar Enrollment number.
3.  Employee ID/Pensioner ID of spouse in case the spouse is a State Government Employee/ Service Pensioner. , need to be entered in the given space of the application.
4.  DOB Certificate : Scan the Date of birth certificate of the dependent family member who is less than 5 years of age.
5.  Disability Certificate : Scan disability certificate if there is a family member with disability.

Step 3 Submit Application
1.  First you need to login to the web portal
2.  Your employee code is the user ID., as well as the Password.
3.  Then you need to sign-in with your username and password. Please Submit the application in prescribed format.
4.  Change your password at the time of first login. ( The new password should contain minimum ‘3′ characters and maximum ‘8′, out of which one should be an alphabet, one numerical number and one special character such as ” AT ,#,$”etc). Keep the password confidential and do not forget.
5.  Kindly read and follow the instructions which is provided in the home page.
6.  Open the Enrollment form and fill up as per instructions there. Select your head of the department, Drawing and Disbursing Office unit, Category of your post from the dropdown lists in the application, submit the data, and attach the needed documents.
7.  Verify the accuracy of data. If there are errors, correct and save.
8.  Submit the application. After submission, you cannot make any changes to the form.
9.  Take a print out of the filled up application and sign it.
10.  Upload a scanned copy of the signed application form.
11.  Take the physical copy of the signed application form and give it to your DDO.
12.  Note that you are responsible for furnishing correct details of dependent family members in the online enrollment application. Any false declarations will entail disciplinary action against you.
13.  You will receive an sms and email acknowledgement (if the e-mail is provided in the e-form) as soon as the application reaches the DDO.
14.  If your DDO rejects your application, you will receive an sms and email notification (if the e-mail is provided in the e-form)
15.  Resubmit your application with corrections.

Step 4 Issue of Health Cards
Permanent Health Cards :
1.  The submitted applications will be scrutinized by Aarogyasri Health Care Trust (AHCT)
2.  The scrutinized applications will be forwarded to the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDO) in the case of employees and the Sub- Treasury Officers (STO) in the Districts /Assistant Pension Payment Officers (APPO) in Hyderabad in case of pensioners, who will in turn verify the applications and approve or reject in case of discrepancies. The approved applications will be sent, online, for printing of Health Cards for each individual beneficiary.
3.  The printed cards will be delivered to the respective Card Issue Centers (CIC) in the districts as per option given by the applicant. The beneficiaries will be notified through short message service (SMS) on their mobile phone once the permanent card is printed.
4.  The entire applicant family will thereafter go to the designated CIC, give the individual beneficiary finger prints as acknowledgement and receive the permanent cards.
5.  The permanent Health Cards issued under EHS will be biometric fingerprint based health cards, will carry the Aadhaar number/Aadhaar Enrollment number and will be issued in the name of the District Collector concerned.
6.  The biometric Health Cards of all Employees and Pensioners who have submitted their applications with Aadhaar numbers and full details will be issued health cards through the respective CICs within 30 days of submitting their complete application.
7.  The Card Issue Centers (CIC) will be located at the rate of one in each Revenue Division and the District Collector will decide the location of CIC in each Revenue Division.
8.  The work of issue of permanent biometric Health Cards at CICs is an ongoing process to be carried out by Aarogyasri Health Care Trust till all the beneficiaries are issued permanent health cards.

Temporary Health Cards :
1.  The process of issue of Permanent Health Cards will take time. In order to enable the beneficiaries quick access under the scheme, temporary health cards will be issued soon after the scrutiny of the online application by Aarogyasri Health Care Trust. Temporary cards will be generated in the logins of the applicants, soon after the completion of scrutiny of applications, which are in complete shape, by Aarogyasri Health Care Trust. These digital cards can be printed out and laminated by the applicants on their own through internet. Alternatively the beneficiaries can obtain a laminated temporary card from any Mee Seva Centre at a cost fixed by Director ESD, IT & C Department, but not exceeding Rs.25/- per temporary card.
2.  Temporary Health cards will remain valid for a period of 90 days or till the time a permanent card is issued or the application rejected by the DDO or STO/APPO as the case may be, whichever is earlier.
3.  All beneficiaries who receive a temporary card will be eligible to avail treatment in the empanelled hospitals. To start with, the hospitals empanelled by Aarogyasri Health Care Trust (see the website for details) will provide treatment.

Contact Address :

Please Contact below addresses for more information about Employees Health Scheme
Aarogyasri Health Care Trust
D.No. 8-2-293/82a/ahct,
Road No :46, Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad – 500033

Phone No : 040-27654107
Fax Number : 04023555657


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    I have paid 1200 on line payment to DR NTR AROGYASRI today.I checked aadhar card eligibility.After they asked payment option and i paid after that i cannot get any message for enrolled or not.This is very unfotunate website of this government.How i can get health card .please send me details to my email and my mobile no…
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