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The Graduate Institute, Geneva is inviting the entries for the 2015 Advancing Development Goals International Contest for Graduate Students worldwide on ‘Return Migration’. Eager to stimulate reflection and innovation on development from diverse disciplinary and contextual perspectives and with the generous support of Ambassador Jenö Staehelin, the Graduate Institute is launching the second edition of the Advancing Development Goals Contest, an international competition for graduate students.

The Challenge

In 2015 the challenge is to discuss how return migration can contribute to social or economic development. The idea is to gather contributions that are both theoretically grounded and offer pragmatic solutions to a relevant international development problem stemming from an interdisciplinary collaboration between 3 to 5 enrolled master students from anywhere in the world.

They invite teams of students to:

  • identify a challenge stemming from return migration;
  • construct an interdisciplinary theoretical analysis on how it affects social or economic development in a specific (but transposable) context;
  • propose innovation at the policy, practice, process or technology levels turning the challenge into development opportunity.


  • The ADG contest 2015 will distribute 17,500 CHF in monetary prizes.
  • The winning project will be awarded 10,000 CHF
  • The second prize will receive 5,000 CHF
  • The third, 2,500 CHF

There will be 3 finalist teams will be invited for the (traveling and accommodation expenses covered) to an oral presentation in Geneva, where they will defend their ideas and answer questions from the jury and from the public. The short listed candidates will also have to present at the awards ceremony where the results of the contest will be announced by a high-level key-note speech on international migration.


  • All the participants of the ADG contest 2015 must be enrolled graduate students from different universities and institution worldwide at the time of their registration for the contest.
  • The participants must be gather in 3 teams to 5 graduate students, who are able to contribute from at least 2 different disciplinary perspectives to the submitted analysis.
  • All the eligible team members must provide a scanned copy of a document that serves as proof of enrollment as a graduate student before the registration of the team can be confirmed and validated.

Submission requirements

  • The application submissions must be sent via email at this website link: or before midnight 12 am, Geneva time by 30th April 2015.
  • All entries will have a maximum length of 8000 words including all notes and references and must be written in two languages i.e, English or French.
  • The submissions will combine theoretical analyses, creativity, critical thinking on technical assistance, capacity building and on the agency of development.
  • All entries must be in original. All the long listed works will go through a background check before being forwarded to the Jury members as semi-finalists of the ADG contest 2015.

If you want more information,then please visit this link:

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