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When a local authority/ department  resolves to levy Property tax, the concerned council or the authority has to pass a resolution to levy, the council or the authority has to pass a resolution determining to levy the tax and the resolution should also specify the rate at which and the date from which the tax shall be levied.  But before passing a resolution imposing a tax for the first time or increasing the rate of an existing tax, the council shall publish a notice declaring its intention. We advise you to that kindly read and follow the instruction given below for more assistance.

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Process For Assessing Property Tax :

Here we have provided you the important steps which will assist you regarding the Property Tax which are as follows:
Step- 1 : First you need to approach the concerned G.M.C. Citizen Charter Counters and must ask for Property Tax Assessment Form by just paying a fee of Rs.10/-The Citizen Charter counters are now available at the main office and in circle office which is situated at Brindavan Gardens. Here we have given the prescribed format of the application form which is furnished below:

Step- 2 :  Process to fill the application form :
Column 1 : First applicant needs to enter the Property Owner’s Name
Column 2 : Then enter the Father’s/Spouce’s Name.
Column 3 : After that mention the correct House No.
Column 4 & 5 :  Then enter the exact Ward No. & Name of the Locality.
Column 6 & 7 : Assessment No. & Tax, if any.
Column 8 :  Plinth Area of the Site [In Special Notice].
Column 9 :  Whether it is a Own site or Government Site.
Column 10 : Building Application Approval No. & Date [To be obtained from Town Planning Section].
Column 11 :  Date of Completion of the Building.
Column 12 : Nature of Construction. [Eg: Roof, Flooring, Wood, etc.,.].
Column 13 : Given facilities in the Building.
Column 14 : Complete usage of the Building.
Column 15 : Required documents needs to be Enclosed along with the form [Eg: Building Approval Plan, Ownership Document, etc.,.].

Step- 3 : The Assistant In-charge of the counter will provide a receipt in token of having received Property Tax Assessment Form duly mentioning the date and time for issuing special notice allotting Assessment Number.
Step- 4 : The special notice which indicating the quantum of the Property Tax payable and also the Assessment No. allotted will be issued to the applicant within 15 days from the date of filing the Property Tax Assessment Form excluding the date of filing.
Step- 5 : The applicant may easily approach the concerned Municipal Commissioner if the special notice is not issued as indicated above.
Step- 6 : Compensation will be paid AT Rs.50/- per day to the applicant towards loss of their valuable time for the delay caused in this matter.
Step- 7 : In the step 4, the Format of Special Notice is indicated. The special Notice will be under Section 225(2) of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Act (Act No.25 of A.P. H.M.C Act) showing the existing tax and proposed tax Gross Rental Value and date for which the Tax is levied with lenders for laying the Tax/enhancing the Tax i.e. Zone No., Nature of Construction, Plinth area and Nature of Usage. In the Special Notice, there will be a suggestion that if the party is not satisfied with the Measurements / Usage of the building noted in the Special Notice, he can file a petition within 15 days for the date of Receipt of the Special Notice.
Step- 8 : On the petition filed by the Applicant, he will be called through a Notice fixing time and date. After taking his deposition, the Assessment will be verified once again and final orders will be issued within 7 days.
Step- 9 : If the applicant is still not satisfied with the orders, then in that case he may file an Appeal duly paying 50% of the Tax levied.

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