Scholarship Support for Educational Crisis 2014


Educational Crisis Scholarship Support (ECSS) 2014:
HDFC Bank are known for their growth and power. They believes that the benefits of economic growth are required to flow to all sections of society. Although not a panacea, education would be one of the main interventions that would lead to the overall economic and social development of the society. With the aim of empowering individuals who are economically and socially disadvantaged, the bank has initiated various projects in the field of education and livelihood training. ‘Educational Crisis Scholarship Support’ (ECSS) program is envisaged to provide interim support for children facing a personal/economic exigency.

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About ECSS :
1:  Economic hardship or a crisis in the family sometimes has a direct impact on the education of children, often resulting in the child dropping out of school/college/university. ECSS has been conceptualized to provide assistance to these students, to tide over a difficult situation/Personal/Family Crisis without adverse impact on their education.
2:  ECSS aims to cover students from recognized Private or Government aided schools between 6 and 12 standards and students studying in undergraduate and post-graduate courses (full-time/part-time degree/diploma/ courses) who due to personal/family crises are unable to continue bearing the cost of education and are at risk of dropping out of school/college/university. This situation would be defined as bereavement/death/ terminal illness/permanent disability and loss of job of the breadwinner due to accident or any such extreme circumstances that have put a strain on the family resources. The Scholarship will cover the total annual School Fee upto a maximum of Rs.10,000/- and College/University Fee upto a maximum of Rs.25,000/- of the selected candidates.

Eligibility Criteria :
1.  All schools students from Government aided or Private school in classes 6 to 12
2.  College students pursuing Under-graduate/Post-graduate Fulltime/Part-time Degree/ Diploma /vocational training courses in colleges or universities recognized under UGC/AICTE/State/Central Government rules and guidelines
3.  Students whose family income is not more than Rs.3,00,000/- lac from all sources.
4.  Those students who are undergoing a crisis situation

Scholarship Amount :
The students’ annual academic fee upto a maximum of Rs.10,000/- for school students and upto a maximum of Rs.25,000/- to the selected college/university students will be sponsored.

Application Process :
Online submission :
Students can either apply online or submit physical copy of the Application form. Online application can be submit to ECSS AT Students applying online are not required to submit physical copy of the form.

Offline  submission :
Physical copy of the application form along with all required documents can be submitted at the nearest HDFC Bank branch. The students are needs to be ensure that the form is endorsed by the Branch Manager.

Application guidelines :
1.  Ensure that the form is complete along with the necessary documents. Incomplete forms will be rejected
2.  Students submitting online application are NOT required to send hard copy of same.
3.  Economic difficulties in itself will not qualify as a crisis unless the same is due to the occurrence of a sudden incident such as loss of job/death/separation of parents or any such unfortunate situation
4.  A ‘CRISIS’ situation is defined as a sudden occurrence of an incident that has created a situation where the student/family requires support
5.  The incident leading to a crisis should be within the preceding two years
6.  Please clearly mention details of the situation in the relevant sections to enable better understanding of the need
7.  Ensure that the contact numbers of both the student and the educational institute are valid as a verification call will be made to these numbers
8.  Inability to respond to the verification call may lead to rejection of the application

Required Documents :
The following documents are required to attached to the Application form :
1. Annexure I (A) – Income proof from the employer duly signed and stamped by the concerned authority along with the salary slip (if any)
Annexure I (B) –Self declaration of family income (for self employed)
2. Annexure II (A)- Verification form duly signed and stamped by School Principal along with last year’s final (annual) examination mark sheet
Annexure II (B) – Verification form duly signed and stamped by College Principal/University Dean/Director along with last year’s final (annual) examination mark sheet
3. Documents – Attested copies of last year’s mark sheet, two copies of address proof and salary slip (if any).


Selection Procedure  :
Received applications will be assessed on the basis of the criteria defined by HDFC Bank’s management.
Students will be selected basis the score that they receive on the selection parameters. While every effort will be made to ensure a fair screening, the management reserves the right to decide the final recipients.

Scholarship Result :
The final list of scholarships will be uploaded on the Bank’s website by the 20th August 2014. Selected students will receive an SMS on the number registered with us.

Application Period :
Applications open from 1st May, 2014 to 30th June, 2014.

Last Date  : 30th June, 2014

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