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Complaint Registration :
The Urban Local Body in Karnataka are receiving public complaints in the hard copy form or through telephone calls. It is very tough for public to register their complaints. Also it  was totally difficult for the ULBs to track the complaints and hence timely redressal of the complaints was also difficult. The Government of Karnataka, as part of its reforms process, introduced the Public Grievance Redressal System in the ULBs of Karnataka.


Official Website http://www.hdmc.gov.in/


Objectives :

1.  To provide  the easily registration service for citizens and track their complaints or suggestions with the ULB
2.  To provide the ULBs to track the complaints through its lifecycle so as to ensure timely redressal of the complaints.
3.  To provide multiple access channels – Internet, Phone, Email and Paper Form. For registration of complaints.
4.  To show trends and pattern on the type and location of problems across the city through pie-charts and GIS reports.
5.  To Computerized the Grievance and redressal systems.

Approach :
1.  Establish PGR cells in the ULBs
2.  Involved NGOs in maintaining the PGR cell 24/7.
3.  Introduced productivity tools in the form of auto-assignment, complaint-forwarding etc., to improve complaint redressal rates.
4.  Citizen-friendly reports with GIS.
5.  Developed Training module and Trained ULB staff.

Expected outputs :
1.  Faster & systematic redressal of complaints
2.  Escalation of complaints to higher authorities
3.  State level monitoring of complaints redressal

To Regsiter Online Click Here  http://www.hdmc.gov.in/pgr/grievance-redressal.jsp

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