hdmc.gov.in Registration Process of Birth & Death Certificates in Hubli-Dharwad


Birth & Death Registration & Certification System :


ULBs in Karnataka were preparing the Birth and Death related details and information in the hard copy form. The Death and Birth registration has been done manually. The  Birth and Death certificate  insurance are used to take maximum time on account of manual or online searching of entries and writing the certificates. The State and National Registrar concerned offices did not having easy way out access to the ULB Birth and Death data base. The Karnataka Government as part of its urban reforms process, introducing the latest system of computerizing records of the Birth and Death,  the online registration of Births & Deaths and issuing of computerized certificates in the ULBs.

Official Website http://www.hdmc.gov.in/


Objectives :
1.  This is to streamline the registration & certification of Birth & Death and to improve the quality of service delivery to the state consumers
2.  To provide the easy and fast service of Birth and Death Registration & Certification
3.  To provide the online registration at ULB or through hospital with an automatic system-generated Registration ID
4.  To provide the computerized certificates toall the citizens
5.  State and National registrar office can access their local databases of births and deaths to analyze and calculate the population census.
6.  To provide the computerized of Birth & Death registration & Certification

Approach :
1.  Birth and Death records of past 10 years were computerized by the ULBs before making the system live.
2.  Preparation of Training Modules and Training of ULB staff.

Expected outputs :
1.  To provide  Birth & Death Certificates at citizen service center counter of ULB.
2.  Generation of Reports of Birth, Death, and Still Born
3.  Provide Computerized Birth and Death certificates through online mode.
4.  Online registration system

To Download Forms Click Here http://www.hdmc.gov.in/node/180

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