How to download application to obtain the Domicile/Caste/ Income Certificate


Income/ Domicile/ Caste/  certificate is required for claiming scholarship and also for admission in educational institutions and hostels. The certificate can be obtained by applying to Tehsil / Sub tehsil offices under Revenue Administration Department. These certificates can be downloaded from the official website which is given below:

Official Website :

How to Download Application:
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How to Obtain Certificates?

How to get Income Certificate 

An Income Certificate is the important document which states that the person is earning such amount and this certificate is issued by the competent authority. It is provided to the applicant by the government confirming and the annual income of the person. This certificate proves the yearly income of the applicant for all legal and official purposes like to get addmission in educational institute or colleges, to reserve seats for govt. jobs etc. The income certificate establishes the economic status of the applicant thereby making him or her eligible for the various government welfare scheme and programs which are provided by the state govt.


Important Documents List:

(1) Copy of salary Certificate
(2) Photocopy od residential Certificate which is issued by S.D.O or Govt. such as voter ID Card , Passport , Defense ID Card , Pan Card , Photo Ration card , Driving License , Electors Photo Identity Card etc.
(3) Income Proof which has been issued by  Gram Pradhan or Income Proof from Municipality Councillor
(4) Recent passport size photograph
(5) Income Tax Return Certificate


How to Obtain Domicile Certificate :

A Domicile Certificate is very important document which gives you the identity and residence proof. It  generally issued to prove that the person is bearing the Certificate is a Domicile or permanent resident of the particular State by which the Certificate is being issued. The Domicile Certificate is required as proof of residence to avail Domicile OR Resident Quotas in educational institutions and in the Government Service, which are provided by the state govt.  as also in case of jobs where local residents are preferred.


Important Documents Required:
The application form for obtaining the Domicile Certificate is available through online or form the local concerned authorities i.e. at the nearest BDO or SDO Offices. The Enquiry can be done by the concerned BDO or SDO or Municipality if required. You are suggested to present the following important documents such as:
(1) The Documentary proof of Rented House such as (Photocopy of Land Deed or Khatiyan or Rent Receipt Copy) or Documentary proof of Residential Land
(2) Residential Certificate which has to be issued by S.D.O
(3) Photocopy of Gorkha certificate issued from D.G.H.C
(4) Defense ID Card or Pan Card or Govt. ID Card or Passport or Driving License or Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) or Ration Card
(5) School Certificate for Secondary Examination or Photocopy of Birth Certificate

(6) Certificate by Gram Panchayat Pradhan or Certificate from MLA or Certificate from MP
(7) One recent passport size attested Photograph
(8) Attested photocopy of call letter issued from Army/BSF/CRPF/CISF/SSB/ITBP/EFR

Any women applicant who belongs to a state but married to a men who are permanent resident of the state are able to apply for the Domicile Certiicate.

Kindly Note:

The Domicile Certificate can be made only in one State. One cannot get te domicile certificate in any other state as to  Obtain the  Domicile Certificate from more than one State is an offence.


How to get Caste Certificate :

Caste Certificate is also very important document for those applicant who  belongs to a particular caste or community and this certificate is provided to an applicant by the state government as a proof of one’s belonging to a particular caste. The applicant can apply for this certificate for following services:


1. Issuance of Caste Certificate :
To apply for the application of Caste certificate an applicant needs to fill an application and for this purpose there are 5 criterias which has to be follow and these are furnished below:
a. An applicant must be Indian citizen.
b. An applicant has to be permanent resident of West Bengal since 1950.
c.  An applicant has to be an ordinary resident at the address.
d. Applicants needs to belongs to the said caste or tribe.
e. Must show his identity.

To fill an application for OBC Certificate there will be 6 criterias which has ro be followed and these are furnished below:
a. An applicant must be an Indian Citizen.
b. He is a permanent resident of West Bengal since 1933
c. Applicant is an ordinary resident at the address currently residing.
d. Applicant must belongs to the said community or class.
e. Has to show his/ her identity.
f. The applicant does not fall under ‘creamy layer’.


2. Revocation of Caste Certificate :
The concerned SDO will have the option to log in to the e-District web portal and process the revocation of Caste Certificates which are  based on hearings.


3. Caste Certificate Appeal against the Rejection :
The Applicant will be able to apply for an appeal against the rejected Caste Certificate request.


4. Duplicate Caste certificate :
The Applicant will be able to apply for Duplicate Caste Certificate , based on a valid Caste Certificate number.

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