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This is to inform all those students who are seeking for the scholarship in which they will get financial assistance to pursue their further studies. Now there is student loans are easily available for education at IITK. 

In addition, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur provides the financial assistance to those deserving students who wants to pursue their higher education. The main motive of this scholarship is to provide the financial aid programme and to ensure that financial circumstances do not prevent a meritorious student from studying at IIT Kanpur. Students who are interested to apply for the same are requested to apply before the due date.

Merit-cum-Means Scholarships for Undergraduate students:

  • In this programme the eligible students will get the full tuition fees waiver , and pocket allowance of Rs 1000 per month (or free basic mess and a pocket allowance of Rs 250 pm) for the duration of the program.
  • As every student’s knows that this is merit based scholarship, hence, the recipients must maintain a minimum CPI of 6.5.
  • If incase the CPI falls below 6.5 (but remains above 6.0) then pocket allowance is withdrawn.
  • Normally, the student’s parents annual income should be within certain limits (currently Rs 6.0 Lakhs).


Merit-cum-means scholarships given by alumni of IIT Kanpur

  • There will be around 50 scholarships are available for the meritorious students. Some of the scholarships may be for the students of a particular department.
  • There are some of the post of the scholarships are at the rate of Rs 2000 per month for 10 months duration.
  • Here are some of the scholarships are for the duration of 3 year and Normally it is based on merit (minimum CPI should be 8.5)
  • There are most of the scholarships which require the parents annual income which should be within certain limits (currently Rs 4.50 Lakhs for most scholarships, however, the amount may vary from scholarship to scholarship)
  • Scholarship details are given below.


National prizes for UG and PG students

  • There will be 7% top student of every year batch will be provided notional prizes (includes a certificate and cash prize of Rs 400)
  • For the final year UGs, and MTech students the top 7% are chosen from each department
  • These are merit based prizes and therefore the recipients must have a minimum CPI of 8.5


Sports Scholarships and Prizes

  • Every year there will be around 20 students will be given scholarships according to their excellent performance in the sports and get(Rs 500 per month for next 9 months)
  • All the medals winners in annual inter IIT sports meet will get the cash reward of Rs 1500, 1000, and 500 for winning the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals respectively.


Support for PG Students

    1. All those students who are from Masters and PhD stream are not allowed to apply for the scholarships as they will get the TAship/RAship etc.
    2. However, the eligible students are considered for prizes (notional, sports).
    3. PostGraduate students are expected to be actively participate in research, as they are provided the financial support to attend international conferences (requires support of approx. Rs 70000 for travel etc.)
    4. This support comes from the funds which are provided by alumni of IIT Kanpur.
    5. Last year there were near about 70 students availed of the facility by the concerned authority.

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