Allahabad Scholarship Scheme for SC/ST and OBC Students


About Scholarship :

The University provides Scholarship to those outstanding students who have brilliant academic record like sportsman and others who have achieve excellence in various Department of University. It is very necessary  for general, SC/ST and OBC Students to submit from No. 23 in the University Office. They could get this form from Social Welfare Department. It provides facilitate them to get the scholarship approval. To see more details kindly see below:

Scholarship for SC/St and OBC students :
The respective university helps those students who are belonging to SC/ST and OBC category by facilities from various formalities to be undertaken with the state or control Government. Our Social welfare department is well developed  with the norms and procedures required to help students get Scholarship and other benefits.


Scholarships and Fees Concession :
There is an arrangement of fees concession for the unprivileged students. Eligible candidates would be recommended for the scholarship and Library use. An Unprivileged general students will also get chance to be entitled for scholarship. Fee concession will be given to students on the basis of good academic record, discipline, behaviour, ability and poverty.

For Details & related queries,

Please Contact on this Address:
Nodal Officer ,
Mohd. Afaque Khan Raza
Lecturer, Zoology Dept.
Nehru Gram Bharati University

Official Website


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