www.wpc.dot.gov.in Online File Licence Application and Check Status


Online File Licence Application and Check Status

 The application forms are provided by the Central Board of Excise and Customs, functioning under Department of Revenue. Users can download various forms such as application for refund of duty/interest, application to the High Court under Section 130A, application form for grant of a temporary customs house agent’s license, shipping bill for export of duty free goods ex-bond, bill of entry for warehousing, etc. For more details kindly read below:

Official Website : http://www.wpc.dot.gov.in/home.asp


Process to avail a license from WPC: 
1) First you need to file the license application through online mode by this link www.wpc.dot.gov.in in the appropriate category without skipping any steps
2) After filling online application you are required to read checklist which is provided.
3) After filling online, you must take a print out copy of the filled application ID.
4) Then you are required to submit a hard copy of the relevant application form along with a copy of the print out of application ID to WPC office or  RLO for any emergence may be.

5) You need to follow the given instruction from WPC. Also you need to stay in touch on the status of the license application on the official Website.


Online Process of Filing of COP Application :
Applicant Login :
The User can register to this Website and can perform various activities. A Registered user may easily file applications for various licences which are furnished below:
a.  Network Licences
b.  Non-Network Licenses
c.  Coordination Licenses
d.  Certificates
e.  Type Approval

f.   Amateur Licenses
The applicants are informed that the filled Applications can be tracked through this Website.  Applications may be filed by a Registered User. The status of all SACFA cases is available through its web portal.

It is suggested to all users that that they must register to the WPC Web Site just once and perform there activities using the same Login ID and unique Password.

You are required to register here: http://www.wpc.dot.gov.in/Mics/register.asp

Important Note:
Please always use Internet Explorer

Before you Fill the Online Application form and Forwarding for different Licenses,then you are suggested to go through this Checklist.

Filled application Status:
Query for Viewing SACFA  or License Application Status for a given Period.

Through this login:
User can view the status of all the SACFA  or License applications filed by all the Users at WPC for a given Period.

To get status visit here: http://www.wpc.dot.gov.in/query_status.asp


Contact Address :

Government of India
Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Department of Telecommunications
New Delhi.

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  1. charan singh yadav says

    Hello sir my name charan singh yadav. please give me information about status of my Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) renewal.


    Dear Sirs,

    I hold a GMDSS GOC No 7652, valid till 13.08.2016.
    I am trying to renew the same and have registered with WPC, but on checking my licence details I am being advised that the licence is in the process of renewal even though I have not submitted any documents or the SBI Demand draft yet. I also have to change my home address, (the licence details are my old residence). I have registered with my new residence details on 26th May 2016.

    Kindly help and further would request a phone number where I could speak to the person in charge.
    Thank You.
    Best Regards
    Capt Lawrence Bernard DSouza

  3. Ravinder says

    Dear Sir,
    Could you pls suggest the way for tracking the status of renewal of my gmdss certificate after having forgotten my login ID & password ?

  4. Lalrinchhani says

    Can you tell me how to have wpc license

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