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Every person engaged or intending to be engaged in any profession, trade or calling within the area of Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority shall have to obtain a Certificate of Enlistment from this authority. For providing better service the Trade License Department of this authority has been made fully computerized. Acquiring and renewing of Trade license is hassle free now. Approximately 400 no. of Certificate of Enlistment has been issued by this Authority.


Web Portal : http://www.nkdamar.org/Pages/Index.aspx


New Trade Enlistment Application:
a. First you need to enter the Application Details.
b. Then you are required to enter the Business Details.
c. Now enter the Owner Details.
d. Now enter the Trade Details.
e. And last click on Save Button.

Click here http://www.nkdamar.org/Pages/TradeLicApplicationStatus.aspx to apply new enlistment of trade

Kindly Note:
1) The fee amount for enlistment along with the amenity charge will have to be deposited.
2) The enlistment will remain valid till financial year closing during which it is issued.
3) The late fine is required to be deposited as mentioned in sub regulation (5) of regulation 5.
4) The enlistment, if not renewed within 2 months of its closing date, shall be deemed to be cancelled.

Application Renewal for Trade Enlishment:
First you are required to enter Your TIN Number and Business Name in the link to search trade license application.


 Application Status of Trade Enlishment (Licence):

You need to enter the Application Number and Business Name to check the application status in the link


Enlistment of Trade Profession and Calling (Manual):

1.  An application form for enlistment of Profession or Trade and Calling will be issued to an applicant.
2.  Form Issue Register is only maintained when Application Form is issued.
3. Dully filled application form along with the supported documents list are received and data’s in the Form are entered in the Computer and a File is opened.
4.  File so opened is sent to the Administrative Officer for order.
5.  The process of Enquiry will be held on the spot and done by the respective Enquiry Officer who submits Enquiry Report with his recommendations to the concerned Administrative Officer.

6.   Administrative Officer orders for issuing Demand Notice.
7.   The demand Notice is prepared and delivered to the Administrative Officer for the signature.
8.   Then the administrative Officer signs the Demand Notice.
9.  The applicant is informed to collect the signed Demand Notice for deposit the fees to the Bank concern.
10.  On having the  confirmation of deposit of enlistment fees at the Bank, Certificate is prepared and sent to the Administrative Officer for his signature.
11. Signed certificate is issued and handed over to the applicant or his authorized representative.


About us:


The New Town Kolkata Development Authority has been came into existence under the New Town Kolkata Development Authority Act, 2007  for rendering various civic services and amenities within New Town, Kolkata and it has come into constitution in November, 2008.

The New Town Kolkata Development Authority Act, 2007, was passed by the West Bengal Legislature and the assent thereto of the President of India and it was published in the Kolkata Gazette Extraordinary of the 30th June, 2008 vide Notification No. 1088-L dated 27th June, 2008.


Contact address:
Office of the New Town Kolkata Development Authority
03, Major Arterial Road
Kolkata – 700156

For Enquiry:

Mail to ao.nkda@gmail.com
Call at 2706 – 2305,


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