Process to Submit Online Complaint & Register Birth/Death


Name of the Department  : Salem City Municipal Corporation
Type of Service  : Process to Submit Online Complaint & Register Birth/Death
Location : Salem



Register Birth/Death Online :
1.  All Salem citizens can get their birth/death certificates easily by the delivery.
2.  By maintaining the database of births or deaths on the computer system, the procedure of sorting, searching and accessing the database is now very simple and fast.
3.  All the citizens can get their records updated through the online service, and also they will get the facility of checking whether their name is registered or not through the official web site.
4.  The Citizen Service Centers avails the  facility for their citizens to collect their certificates on demand instantly. All this is made possible because of  the records which are maintained to them and have been thrown open and it is now possible for them to get necessary rectification on their records without any delay.

To Register & Search Click Here :…home_page.aspx

Online Grievance Redressal System :
1.  It has always been a big enterprise of Salem Municipal Corporation to be the best when it comes in serving its citizens.Its initiatives in various fields like Service Matters, Rain Water, Roads, Mosquito Problem and other areas to render the city-the CLEAN SALEM, the GREEN SALEM and the QUENCHED SALEM are noteworthy. SMC has always setup an example by such initiatives so as to serve the citizen in the best possible manner.
2.  SMC is one of the best and well managed Municipal Corporation in all over in India with an efficient, responsive and transparent administration process. This system has a self-correcting mechanism in the form of its complaint redressal system. What could be a better performance indicator of any mechanism than the number of complaints of its users. The user of SMC’s mechanism are the citizens of Salem and hence SMC tries to receive their complaints through all the possible modes and to comply them at the earliest.

Citizens can lodge his complaints by methods enlisted below :
Write a Complaint :
The conventional method where a citizen can file a complaint by just submitting the complaint to any of the concerned zone or ward offices of SMC

Mail a Complaint :
This website section will let you email your complaint to the respective officer of SMC.

Register & Check Status:

About Salem Corporation :
The name ‘Salem’ seems to have been derived from Sela or Shalya by which the term refers to the country around the hills, as in the inscriptions. Local tradition claims Salem as the birth place of Tamil poetess Avvaiyar. The whole town is surrounded and covered by an amphitheatre of hills, the Nagarmalai in the north, the Jeragamalai in the south, the Kanjanamalai on the west and Godumalai on the east. The Thirumanimuthar in the main division divides it.

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