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Check Electricity Bill Status and Pay Bill Online in Chennai:


In order to know the electricity bill status or make a payment you need to know the service number/consumer number. The service number is in the format like XXX-XXX-XXX (for example 121 005 005). This will be available in your previous bill or the old EB card as SC No.  In Chennai you need to know the Chennai Circle in which your district falls in. Again this can be found in the previous bill or your card or by just knowing which part(North/South/East/West) of Chennai your area falls under. To know more about this kindly read below:



Web Portal : http://www.tangedco.gov.in/index1.php?tempno=1

Important Guidelines for Online Payment :
a. Those who are new users can sign up through this Web Page for payment of CC charges through Credit or Debit cards or through Net Banking. The consumer needs to sign up once for registration.This requires a valid Consumer ID and an e-mail account.
b. With valid e-mail ID & Consumer Number one can easily select a unique username for entering the web site.
c. On successful completion of registration requirements, an e-mail is generated to the consumer for successful validation of e-mail ID. A small click on the link in the e-mail will lead to user log in screen.
d. The user shall log in and key in his authenticated password for making payments through web site.
e. Consumer number or username for which registration has been made cannot be modified and if required, the user can be deleted through the support link and a fresh registration can be made.
f. One user can permanently register for many Consumer Numbers using “Add Consumer No” button and shall pay during the corresponding collection cycle for the respective consumer.Every consumer number has to be individually selected for making payment.
g. A print of the e-receipt could be generated.
h. The changes in consumer number and e-mail ID and other personal particulars could be carried out using “Update Profile” button.
i. The user may change his passwords frequently for security purposes using “Change Password” button.
j. A “Forget password” link is available for generating e-mail to the registered mail-id which shall furnish the current password.

Online Bill Status:
a. Choose your Region.
b. Enter the Service Number.
c. Click on Proceed Button.

Kindly Note : Please enter the Service Number as shown below
For example 121 5 5 has to be entered as 121 005 5
About us :
The Government of India, MoP have announced to provide “Power for all by 2012”. To achieve this, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution corporation limited is making progress in Generation and Distribution sector. It is our pleasure to inform that the electrification of all villages and towns were successfully completed and also electrification of all households are under progress.

Contact Address:
Tamil Nadu Generation And Distribution Corporation Ltd
NPKRR Maaligai,
144,Anna Salai, Chennai – 600 002.

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