Online Application Process For Adangal Certificate


Adangal Certificate Request :
Current Adangal Certificate request is applied by the citizen through the MeeSeva centers. This request can be accessed by the Tahasildhar and processed. The processing steps are provided below.

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Procedure for Processing the Request :
:Select “Adangal” from Application Processing.
:Note : – Tahasildhar Can also Process the application through Dash Board by Click on the service count link.
:After selecting the “Adangal” in Application Processing
:Fromscreen select from date & to date by using calendar controls.
:Note : Here, to date must be prior to Current date.
:Select “Request Status (either All/Not Viewed/Open etc…)” from request status drop down list
:Note :Here, At First the Request is in “Not Viewed” Status.
:After selecting “Request Status” from request status dropdown list, click on “Get Details” button
:After clicking on “Get Details” button, all Open Requests are displayed.
10 :After getting requests, select the Request which has to be processed.
11 :After selecting the request,
12 :Note :Here Edit Options are given to the Applicant name, Father Name and Permanent address fields in Tahasildhar Login.
13 :Now, Tehsildar connecting to the web land Server for verifying these details. If data not signed in web landServer, then Tahasildhar connecting to the Web land server for signing.
14 :Now based on verification Tahasildhar can take action (either Accept/Reject).
15 :Note :Based on Tehsildar action (either Accept/Reject), status (either Approved/Rejected) is generated.
16 :If Tahasildhar wants to accept the request by checking the “Accept” Radio button.
17 :After selecting the Radio button (“Accept”), Tahasildhar enter “Remarks” and click on “Sign” button.
18 :After clicking on “Sign” button, digital certificate pop is generated.
19 :Now select the digital certificate and click on “OK” Button,
20 :After clicking on “OK” button, private exchange key popup will generate.
21 :Now clicking on “OK” button. Like shown in the below screen
22 :After clicking on “OK” button “Adangal certificate” is generated.
23 :Note :Now the Request is in Approved status.
24 :After Tehsildar Approved/Rejected, Customer Received Message. Like your Request is Approved/ Rejected.

Delivery Type :
a.  Once the request is approved by Tehsildar then, Adangal certificate will be dispatched through courier from franchisee to the citizen’s address if Delivery Type is Speed Post Local/Non Local.
b.  If Delivery Type Is Manual, then citizen collect the Adangal Certificate from franchisee where he/she applied for the Certificate.

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