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This CM cell is usually formed in Tamil Nadu to resolve all the general public issues so that this department can review all the grievance also the CM  Cell is completely responsible for all the  genuine complaint and its responsibility to solve  those grievances which are very obvious and also avail  the good communication skill between government and the state citizen from this , so that they can get effective from the given service by state govt. It is a really big issue that how to contact and give our complaint to higher department so that the citizens feel comfortable and safe.

Official Website :

Web based online reply system:
Before November 2006, replies on the petitions of the Chief Minister’s Special Cell were entered manually in the computer with the hard copies available in hand.

To ensure accuracy and to synchronise the data of Chief Minister’s Special Cell and the District Collectorates, a web-based online reply feeding system was introduced in November, 2006 for Secretariat Departments / Heads of Departments and districts which enable them to send online replies from their office through Internet to the server of Chief Minister’s Special Cell. Consequent to the introduction of new system all replies to the petitions are received through online. 

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Important – Reply to Government of India Petitions (I) must be entered only in English

About CM Cell :

The functioning of a responsive Government are rooted on seven principles namely Access, Equity, Communication, Responsiveness, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Accountability. In order to ensure, that the public from diverse backgrounds, face no barriers in receiving Government services, are assisted when their entitlements are impeded, are facilitated to voice their grievance and appropriate remedy given to genuine complaints, the Chief Minister’s Special Cell has been formed.

Contact us :
Chief Minister’s Special Cell ,
Chennai – 600 009.
Phone Number : 044 – 2567 1764
Fax Number : 044 – 2567 6929
E-Mail :

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  1. RAGU RAM.A. says

    Kind Attn.: The special officer,

    Respectful sir,

    Sub.; Requesting reply for my mail dated 11-06-2016 reg.
    Your Ref.: PETTITION # 2016/880 401/CD

    Pls.verify my above said request and send me reply.

    Yours obediently,

    RAGU RAM .A.
    Mob.# +91-99 44 5 66 390

  2. karthik.k says

    My village in only salt water no pure water the 45 year please help my village

    Pidariseri (Po)

    1. karthik.k says

      My village 45 years salt water no pure water please my village all people

    2. karthik.k says

      K.karthik s/o A.karuppaiya
      Viruthunager dist

  3. karthik.k says

    Water boat

  4. karthik.k says

    Water port

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