Registration Process for Indian Christian and Hindu Marriage Certificate


Registration Process for Indian Christian and Hindu Marriage Certificate: If any individual needs the marriage certificate then in that case he/she needs to follow some important instruction to apply for the same. If the married couple attain the age limit then only they can apply for the marriage certificate. Marriage certificate proves that the married couple is allowed to live together and they are legally married under the Hindu Marriage Act. To know more kindly read below:   Official Website   Hindu Marriage Registration : a. The registration of Hindu Marriages are Solemnized and granting of extract of marriages registered. b.  Marriages solemnized under Hindu customs. c.  Bridegroom or Bride should have completed 21 to 18 years respectively d.  Both of them should be Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs . e.  Proof of marriage Anyone of the following place should fall within the jurisdiction of the Registering officer : a.  Residence proof of bride. b.  Residence proof of bridegroom. c.  Solemnization place. Proof for all these shall be given : 1 . Marriage : a.  Wedding Invitation (or) b.  Temple Marriage Receipts(or) c.  One proof of marriage solemnization . 2. Residence : a.  Employee ID Card (or) b.  Ration Card (or) c.  Driving License (or) d.  Passport or Visa 3. Age : a. Birth Certificate (or) b. School/College Certificate (or) c.  Passport / Visa In addition to the above memorandum in duplicate with 4 passport size photograph for bride and 4 passport size photograph for bridegroom should be submitted. Fee Required : i ) For the registeration of a Marriage which will be exclusive of any other fees levied by devasthanam for marriages in temples Rs.100.00 ii) For a certified copy of an entry in Hindu Marriage Register : Rs.10.00 iii) For making a search a) If the entry is of the current Rs. 10.00 b) If the entry relates to any previous year or years (for each such year) Rs. 10.00 iv) For Registering a marriage at any place outside the office of the Marriage Registrar to be appropriated by the Marriage Registrar in addition to the fee in entry (i) above Rs. 50.00 v) Application fees for registering a marriage at any place outside the office of the marriage Registrar Rs.200.00 Kindly Note : a.  Provided that no search fee shall be levied for grant of a certified copy of an entry in the Hindu Marriage Register on application at the time of registration of Marriage. b.  Provided further that an application fee of Rupees live in the shape of court fee labels affixed to the application shall be levied for each of application presented for grant of such certified copy.

Christian Marriage Registration :

Extracts (Certificates) of Indian Christian Marriages Registered under the Indian Christian Act 1872, by the licensee under the act or by Priests are received and the extracts are given in the following Address : O/o the Inspector General of Registration, 100,Santhome High Road, Chennai 28. Marriage Extracts should be applied by bride /bridegroom/ parents. In case, the mentioned persons are unable to come personally any one with authorized letter from either bride or bridegroom can apply. Fees Required: a.  Search Fees Rs.10 per Year b.  Copy Fees Rs.10 per copy (Preferable to apply 3 copies only) c.  The fees should be paid by Cash in person to the above address (or) d.  M.O in the name of Accounts Officer   General Instructions : a.  The Indian Christian Marriage Extract will be issued only after original Marriage Extract issued by Priest. It should be forwarded to this office through the respective District Registrar Office concerned. b. In case of Marriage extract (RC) received directly from “ARCHDIOCESE OF MADARAS(SANTHOME)”, then Marriage Extract will be issued without the forwarding letter from District Registrar Office concerned. c.  If the Self Addressed Stamped envelope is given by the applicant, Marriage Extract will be sent by Post in the case of extract applied with original along with forwarded letter from District Registrar Office concerned. d.  The Extract will be issued after searching the Registers for the year mentioned in the application and if finds the same. e.  If the marriage entry is not available in the year as mentioned in the application, then the Extract may be applied along with the original marriage extract (Schedule IV Sec.32 & 54) issued by Priest where the marriage was done and with the covering letter forwarded by the respective District Registrar Office”. f.  If any entries are not available in the Registers, report of “No Entries” can also be obtained. g.  Applicant should ensure the correctness of the extract by getting a sample extract before pasting the Hologram stickers. h.  The Indian Christian Marriage Registers for the year from 1872 to 1961 is kept in the O/o. Deputy Inspector General of Registration situated at Rajaji Salai, Chennai. For those period the Extract will be issued after searching the records from that office.   Application Receiving time : 10 AM to 1 PM :: Extract Issuing time: 4 PM to 5.00PM on all working days. Contact No. : 044-24640160,24642932 Ext :234.   Dowry Prohibition : Under the Dowry Prohibition Act, demanding or accepting dowry, directly or indirectly is an punishable offence. a.  Fine of Rs.5000/- or imprisonment upto 6 months or both. b.  District Registrars are authorised to sanction prosecution. c.  Registrants may lodge complaints with the District Registrar.

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