: Process to pay Online Electricity Bill in Maharashtra


Paying electricity bills via online is one of the easiest way to avoid standing in such a long queues in electricity board office for paying electricity bill. There are many states in India which are having this online facility to pay such bills. In Maharashtra consumers are having this great facility for the online bill payment and it provides the multiple avenues to make payments of electricity bills via online. It is truly based on convenience and ease of use and most of the consumers choose one of the multiple methods which are available for making the bill payment:

To pay online electricity bill in Maharashtra, people just need to follow some simple instructions. Still the people who don’t often use Internet may get some issues and  difficulty to pay such bills. 

In India, after the introducing the internet facility the Different Govt as well as private sector institutions are applying it to simplify and fasten people’s life day after day.

 Through this facility there are number of electricity boards are introducing their online electricity bill payment through their web portals so that consumers can have the best facility and can rid of the botheration and inconvenience. MSEDCL is standing in this queue where consumers can pay their electricity bill online. This guide will support you in making this task easy and fast.

Process to Pay Online Electricity Bill Using MSEDCL in Maharashtra:

Via Internet banking:
  • First you are required to visit the official website of  MSEDCL Electricity bill payment web page. You can go to this web page by clicking here :.

how to pay electricity bill online in maharashra

  • Now you are required to fill up your bill details in the given column. Please enter the  MSEDCL Consumer number. and Billing Unit (BU). These can be found at the Electricity Bill issued to you by MSEDCL.
  • In the this step, you can see your online bill to pay. and click the link.
  • Here you will get the different modes of payment in which you need to select to pay your Electricity Bill- These modes are either by VISA & Master Card, or Net Banking & Other Cards.
  • Please click on the option which you like to apply and use for the further process.

. After selecting your mode of payment you need to click for confirmation.

a) If you wish to pay by your VISA or MasterCard you will have to enter your Card Number, Expiry Date, Security Code and then click on ”PAY’ button.


b) If you are selecting the Net Banking option then it will redirect you to Bill desk Payment Gateway.


c) If you wish to pay your bill via Internet banking, then in that case you have to select the bank name and fill the required details to pay in which your account is access.

After follow the given steps, you will get a Transaction Reference Number for VISA or Master Card, Net Banking Account, other Credit Card or Debit Card regarding the acknowledgment of your payment request. 

This complete process will take a day, and it reflects on the official website after 3 days. This service facility is totally Free of Cost for their esteemed MSEDCL consumers.

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