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Apply For Ration Card in Delhi :
Ration Card is very essential document which is proof of identity as well as residence. Today Ration card is requirement of millions of Indian residents. There are some applicants who apply for ration card for its supply of food commodities and some of them apply for new ration card for an identification proof. There are different types of ration card which is provided by the state government for every family depending on their income source. If you want to apply for the ration card in delhi then we suggest you that don’t get late , apply it as soon as possible. For more details please read below:


Official Website :http://delhi.gov.in/wps/wcm/connect/doit/Delhi+Govt/Delhi+Home



Applicants may have their various queries that how one can apply for the ration card in its state.  So for that applicant is require to know that in which category they fall to apply for new ration card such as  above poverty line (apl), below poverty line (bpl), Antyodaya families (aay). And after that they are able to decided  to follow some simple steps to know how to apply for new ration card.

Apply For New Ration Card:

a.  If you want to apply for new ration card then you need to go through your nearest rationing circle office.
b.  You are require to fill the form no 1 to apply for ration card
c.  Dully fill the application form with required details along with 3 passport size photo of the head of the family which has to be duly attested by the gazette officer.
d.  You need to provide an address proof or a NOC from the landlord in case of tenant.
e.  Applicant needs to provide income proof to apply for ration card.
f.  You are also require to give a certificate of surrender or deletion which shows that the applicant is not holding any other state ration card and requires one.
g.  Applicant needs to pay one rupee which is depending on the processing fee charged to apply for ration card.
h.  To add a name one has to provide the birth certificate or deletion form in case of marriage.
i.  Deletion of the name in ration card  of any family member will be done on the same day.
j.  People who don’t know and think how to apply for new ration card online then in that case they are require to visit this link: http://delhi.gov.in and download the form no 1 to apply for new ration card.

Ration Card Verification Process  :



a.  Filling and submitting ration card form online or by hand.
b.  Submitting required documents with the application form
c.  Inspection by a government inspector of proof of residence.
d.  Once the ration card verification details is approved then on such ration card verification the applicant would get a receipt as a ration card verification status.
e.  Then after a month the applicant would receive the ration card.
f.  If the verification is not appropriate then the applicant would get to know his ration card verification status only after one month.


Ration Card Registration:
a.  There are many Indian residents who are anxious to know for how to get a new ration card registration and where it is done in the place or the state. To avail a ration card registration one has to follows some guidelines.
b.  Applicants need to get a new ration card registration form and require to fill up the required information  along with the address proof or noc if tenant,
c.  3 attested photos of the head of the family, income proof, and surrender or deletion certificate.
d.  Once the process of verification is done applicant can collect the ration card at the rationing office.
e.  In case of loss of ration card applicant can get a duplicate ration card registration by getting a certificate of loss from the FSO and submitting it in the office. Then by paying a required fee he can get a ration card.


Ration Card Status:
The status of ration card application gives details to government for how many applications are pending. This ration card application status also gives an idea as the number of ration cards being issued to the people.


Required Documents:

1. 3 passport size photographs of head of family which has to be attested by a gazetted officer
2. Residential proof

For  Owner :
Registration Deed, Allotment Letter, House TAx Receipt, Power of Attorney, Electricity Bill, Water Bill etc.


For  Tenant :
No Objection Certificate of Land lord or any other relevant document
3. Old Ration Card, Surrender/Deletion certificate of the previous card.
4. Rs.25/- as Non refundable fee.

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