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All India Art Exhibition 2014 by Camel Art Foundation:

Camel Art Foundation (CAF) is the philanthropic wing of Kokuyo Camlin Limited. The foundation’s main objective is to promote art activities and create a platform for budding artists, it also provides an opportunity for professional artists to become popular and look beyond the Indian art scene. For more details kindly read below:


Camel Art Foundation All India Art Exhibition 2014 :
1.   Camel Art Foundation has shown the way to painted the dreams of India’s youth by contributing substantially to the growth of art, artists, art appreciation, and education in India.
2.   The Camel Art Foundation (CAF) was came into existence in year 1998 and has the motive to celebrate and sustain the key role that art plays in enriching our lives. This non-profit wing of the organization is set up to promote and spread the language of art and has spearheaded a wide range of activities which include a whole new host of art promotion programs.
3.   The All India Art Exhibition is a major part of the Foundation’s annual calendar and over the past 15 years has involved over 60,000 participants, held 55 regional exhibitions, awarded over 600 regional prizes and sent 135 national winners on an all expenses paid trip to visit art galleries and museums in Europe.
4.   The Camel Art Foundation regional exhibitions are immensely popular and attract a growing number of participants each year.
5.   Besides the All India Art Exhibition, Camel Art Foundation also conducts product display and education programs in numerous art institutes all over the country. The three hour activity encompasses a visit to designated art colleges, where the usage of our product range is displayed and explained and demos, trials or on the spot competitions are conducted.
5.   Other initiatives include art camps and symposiums, artist get-togethers , and support functions for art associations and societies.

”Competition for current year will be launched during June 2014, Standby for more details!”

For More Details Click Here http://www.kokuyocamlin.com/artists-…oundation.html

Official Website http://www.kokuyocamlin.com/

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