www.pdcet.natboard.edu.in : Practice and Mock Online Test for DNB-PDCET


Practice and Mock Online Test for DNB-PDCET:

A Practice Test will be made available on the NBE website www.natboard.edu.in to provide candidates with the look and feel, as well as functionality of the actual test. For more details please read below and visit the official website:

Official Website http://www.pdcet.natboard.edu.in/

DNB-PDCET Practice Test :
This is the Practice Test and a sample computer-based test which has a motive and is intended to familiarise candidates with the navigation and functionality of the PDCET. It includes a tutorial on using the various features of the test like moving between screens, selecting, de-selecting, marking and reviewing responses etc., as well as some sample questions which will allow candidates to try out these features. Note that these sample questions are not representative of the content of difficulty level of the actual test.

Take a Test Here http://www.pdcet.natboard.edu.in/ptest/

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  1. Dr. Beena.k.Nair says

    i tried for a mock test in your site , but could’nt down load it . it was quiet frusrtating .why is it not getting?

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