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How to get Online Birth Certificate in Jammu and Kashmir:

Birth Certificate is the most important identity document that makes it possible for anyone in possession of it to benefit from a gamut of services offered by the Indian Government to its citizens. It becomes necessary to obtain a Birth Certificate because it serves to establish the date and fact of one’s birth for a whole range of purposes, like acquiring the right to vote, admission to schools and to the Government Service, claiming the right to marry at the legally permissible age, settlement of inheritance and property rights, and obtaining Government-issued identity documents like a driving licence or passport.


 Official Website : http://ulb.gov.in/birthcertificate/Default.aspx


 Important Steps to avail the certificate :
1. First you select the Location.
2. Then click on Apply Button.
3. Now enter Father’s Name, birth Date, Email Id, and contact Number.
4. After this click on Apply.
5. Then you will br given a code on your given email id.
6. At last click on Print Button.
7. Now enter the code which is received by email followed by Get Record Button.
8. Select Record and get Certificate


Important Note :
This special service is designed for the facility of General Public. To get the birth certificate copy by unauthorised way and to missuse is a punishable offence. The offenders will be automatically tracked by just using the audit trial which is built in the system and will be punished under the law.


Get Birth Certificate Online:
“The child should be immediately registered and after the birth and shall have the right from birth to name, the right to acquire a nationality and as far as possible, the right to know & be cared for by his or her parents.” Article 7 of the 1989 U.N. Convention on the Right of the Child (CRC)
Housing & Urban Developement Department of J & K offers Birth Certificate Facilitation service for all 84 urban local bodies from Jammu & Kashmir.


About Certificate:
Birth Certificate is an important record in which the documents the birth of a child. A birth certificate generally includes the information such as birth name , date and time of birth , sex of the child, place or location of birth and name of parents.


Data of Birth Events : 

Urban Local Bodies – Onwards
Jammu Municipal Corporation -1984 Onwards
Srinagar Municipal Corporation – 2001-2010
ULB’s of Jammu Division – 1991-2010
ULB’s of Kashmir Division – 2001-2010


About Department:
Housing & Urban Development Department of J & K offers Birth Certificate Facilitation service for all eighty four urban local bodies from Jammu & Kashmir.

Contact Address:
Jammu Municipal Corporation – jmc-jk@nic.in
Srinagar Municipal Corporation – smc-jk@nic.in

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